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Sharing art, home and decor ideas and inspiration to fit your style....farmhouse, rustic, modern or coastal.


Some of the most popular prints in my shop are the still life images I have captured from my antiquing travels. Old books, bottles and keys are among the treasures I search for to photograph and also to sell in my Etsy vintage shop Swede13 Home. I try to incorporate roses whenever I can just because I love them. The vintage items themselves have since been sold and now grace the rooms in other homes, but they live on through my photography adding warmth and joy over and over again. If you have a love for old books, roses and skeleton keys click here. For kitchen and bath still life prints from my shop click here.

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

This gallery wall set is my all time best seller. It was originally an aqua and peach set but by request from a customer, I edited the coloring for an overall blush effect. Voila...a new star was born. This version has sold to hundreds of happy customers, printed on photographic paper as well as canvas in various sizes. If you have your eye on an image in my shop that you would like edited to match your specific decor please contact me for a custom design. I love creating and discovering new ideas with my art. Let's collaborate!

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