"Add elements that will calm your space and soothe your soul."

-author unknown-

I'm a Swedish gal who believes in "lucky" 13. I love all things vintage, rustic & weathered. 

I can lose myself for hours in antique shops, flea markets and old book stores.

 The same thing happens when I have a camera or paint brush in hand.

My interest in photography began years ago on a visit to St. Augustine, Florida.

Wandering the cobblestone streets, I began capturing the images that would fuel my passion for the art.

Blame it all on those tattered green cottage doors.

I describe my photography style as art for the modern farmhouse or coastal cottage.

You'll find an abundance of roses, old keys and books as still life images

as well as captivating gardens and serene beach landscapes.

I have an obsession with old rustic doors and chippy paint, faded facades,

country barns, boots and benches. It's modern cottage photography

with a touch of vintage soul.

My work has been featured in various Orlando galleries and shops,

local art shows and exhibits, with Papyrus greeting cards, Society6 and Fine Art America.


Thank you for allowing me to share my passions with you.